6-Month Mark for 9 to 5 Voyager!

Kristen, my girlfriend and travel partner, at the Georgia State Botanical Garden in Athens, GA.


Believe it or not, six months have already passed since I started up 9 to 5 Voyager!

Progress has been slow, but steady, and 70,000+ words later, I’m having as much fun as when I first started writing my “Guatemala: Part I” post. I’ve chronicled my travels across the US and several other countries, both in long-form Travelogues and shorter Travel Tip “listicles.” I monetized my site early on, though every other blogger out there warned me not to expect anything back for at least the first year. It’s been six months of research, writing, photo editing, and experimenting with different website themes and topics. I’ve been focusing on generating output, honing my craft, enjoying this new hobby, and building my audience. Which brings me to you. 

While I have had over 1,700 unique readers from 60 countries across the globe, my success is ultimately driven by you guys, my subscribers. You are the ones who have been following me closely since the very beginning, and I just wanted to say Thank You. I appreciate your views, your feedback, and the support that you’ve shown me since Day 1. Any suggestions that any of you have, please feel free to share with me. 9 to 5 Voyager is still in its infancy, and I’m always looking for ways to improve the site!

I hope you guys have been enjoying my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. I hope that you have learned from my experiences, and that you have felt inspired to go out and see more of the world, whether on foreign soil or in your own town. 

I’m very excited for my upcoming voyages, which will include some US cities for the rest of 2019, and then Colombia early next year. It’s a big world out there, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Thank you so much for your support,

Alek ZD

9 to 5 Voyager 


3 thoughts on “6-Month Mark for 9 to 5 Voyager!

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I enjoy every minute of it. Every voyage I take is another post for the blog, and the blog inspires me to embark on more voyages. My main goals now are beefing up viewership and getting more email subscribers. I’m also teaching myself SEO!
      I’ll tell Kristen you said that 🙂


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