Hong Kong Cancels All Flights Amid Clashes Between Protesters and Police

In the 10th straight week of protests, Hong Kong International Airport has canceled all flights in and out.

Protesters in Hong Kong took to the streets following a controversial bill that would extradite those convicted of crimes in Hong Kong to China. Hong Kong is an autonomous special administrative region of China, and has had a tense relationship with the mainland for years. China has a problematic history of human rights abuses, and many Hong Kongers view the bill as infringing on their freedoms.

In addition to protesting in the streets and in subway stations, activists had taken their cause to the airport, one of the busiest in Asia, for the past five days. They hope to make their plight known to an international audience.

In retaliation, Chinese riot police have employed more violent tactics, including firing rubber bullets at close range and firing tear gas into subway tunnels.

Be safe out there.


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