Travel Book Review: The Best Things in Life Are Free

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had travelling cost nothing but the gumption to walk into the square that night.

Tom Hall, The Best Things in Life Are Free

Author: The Lonely Planet Team

Published: 2016

Geographic Area: Worldwide

Original Language: English

The above quote comes from an experience one of the authors had walking through Djemaa el-Fna, a sprawling open-air market in Marrakesh, Morocco. While the author and his family bought nothing that day, they still had the experience of walking through one of the largest of such markets in the entire world, engaging all of their senses as they passed stall after stall of haggling merchants and pungent spices.

That is the main thrust of The Best Things in Life Are Free. This book, full of an advertised 884 sights across over 60 cities around the world, shows you how to craft incredible memories without spending a dinar.

These experiences include the Museo de Historia in Madrid, DIY architecture tours in Venice, and free movie nights all across North America. You will also find vital info about the various cities, such as language, currency, and what that location is best for.

As my blog focuses on budget travel and enjoying wherever you go, whether near or far, it was a pleasant surprise, and one that I recommend anyone flip through, whether at the library or your local bookstore.

If you would like to purchase it, I have included an affiliate link below. As an affiliate, I would get a small percentage if you use this link to purchase the book, or anything else.

Buy The Best Things in Life Are Free on Amazon


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