New Travel Restrictions from US to Cuba

I’ve added one more menu item to my blog! This one focuses on national and international news that the traveler might find interesting, or should at least be aware of. These will be pretty short posts, and I’ll let the links do most of the talking.

This first News post regards traveling to Cuba. Those of you who read my Cuba, Part I post will know that people wishing to go directly from the United States to Cuba needed to declare one of 12 reasons for going. Well, now it’s 11; the Trump administration removed the “People to People” category.

Perhaps more alarmingly, American cruise ships will no longer be allowed to dock at Cuban ports. This is the perhaps the most maligned development to come out of Trump’s new travel bans, as thousands of people had to be issued refunds for the expensive cruises they had booked and were excited for.

Luckily, the most common reason people choose for going to the island, “Support for the Cuban People,” is still available.

Click the link below to learn more.

Cuban Travel Restrictions: What You Need to Know


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